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Original Bing Coughlin “Herbie" drawing, "V.E. Day + 10 Holland 45”, “Could save plenty of time by simply marchin’ a bunch of these lugs across the field!”, the drawing itself measures 8 in. by 12in., as pictured in the book “HERBIE!” by Bing Coughlin” on page 157, vg.+ $250.00

William Garnet "Bing" Coughlin – Canadian World War II cartoonist – was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on October 7, 1905. His mother remarried after his father's death, and the family moved to Philadelphia in 1923, where he enrolled in the Pennsylvania School of Industrial Art. After graduation, he went into advertising art. Coughlin met and married his wife Margaret (Peg) White in 1929. 

Soon after the outbreak of World War II, Coughlin returned to Canada to serve in the Canadian Army with the 4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guardsmalso known as the "Plugs" or the "Piddly-Gees". As a sergeant, he participated in the invasion of Sicily and fought for four months in the Italian campaign. It was during this campaign that his cartoons began to appear in the soldiers' magazine, "The Maple Leaf." In 1944, the troops elected the popular artist as "Canadian Man of the Year." 

Like America's Bill Mauldin, whose military cartoons in the Stars and Stripes made him the unofficial voice of the ordinary "dogface", Bing Coughlin became the spokesman for the Canadian enlisted man. Featured as "This Army", his cartoons showed life as it was behind the lines and up at the front, always taking the view of the common soldier. As often as not, the officers were shown less sympathetically than the Germans. Mauldin created Willy & Joe. Coughlin's ubiquitous Canadian foot soldier was "Herbie". An unnamed French Canadian enlisted man with toque and mustache also appears with Herbie in many cartoons. 

In 1946, the Governor general of Canada made Bing Coughlin a Member of the Order of the Beritish Empire (MBE) for his cartooning during the war. 

Two volumes of "This Army" were published by "The Maple Leaf" in Rome, in 1944 and 1945. A year after the war, a new collection of "Bing" Coughlin's wartime cartoons was published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, Canada. Called simply "Herbie!" the 1946 edition was reprinted in 1959, on the 20th anniversary of the start of World War II. A modern collection of "Herbie" was published by Algrove Publishing, Almonte Ontario, in 2008. 

In contrast with Bill Mauldin, Bing Coughlin stayed clear of politics. Mauldin continued a successful career as a newspaper political cartoonist after the war, while Coughlin returned to commercial art. For a number of years he worked for the Canadian National Exhibition, but in 1950 Coughlin returned to Philadelphia as a designer of exhibits. 

William Garnet "Bing" Coughlin died at age 85 on the 4th. of September, 1991, and was buried in Springfield, Pennsylvania. He was survived by five children.


  • Canada Militia General Orders for January 02 to December 31, 1920, printed by T. Mulvey in 1921 printer to the King, measuring 7 in. by 5 in. and 2 3/4 in. in thickness, hardcover, vg.+ $40.00 
  • "Active Service" the History of the Australia Military Forces in the Middle East, published by the A.I.F. in 1941, 135 pages, hardcover, vg.+ $25.00
  • "Stand By" the History of the Australia Military Forces in the Far East, published by the A.I.F. in 1945. 205 pages, hardcover, vg.+ $30.00 
  • The Naval Service of Canada, Its Official History, Volume 1: Origins and Early Years, by G.N. Tucker, published in 1952 by The Minister of National Defence, hardcover, vg.+$15.00 
  • The Naval Service of Canada, Its Official History, Volume 11: Activities on Shore During the Second World War, by G.N. Tucker, published in 1952 by Minister of National Defence, hardcover, vg.+$15.00 
  • The Far Distint ship, An Official Account of canadian Naval Operations in the Second World War, by Joseph Schull, published in 1950 by authority Minister of the National Defence, hardcover, vg.+ $15.00
  • Canada's War at Sea in two volumes, Volume 1: Canada and the Sea by S. Leacock, Volume 2: Canada and the War at Sea by Leslie Roberts, published in 1944 by Alvah M. Beatty Publications Ltd., large format, hardcover, vg.+ $15.00
  • The Ships of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1981, A complete History of Canadian War Ships by K. Macpherson, published in 1982 by Collins Publishers, large format, hardcover, vg+ $15.00 
  • The Gunners of Canada: The History of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, Volume I 1534-1919, by Colonel G.W.L. Nicholson, publised in 1967 by The Royal Canadian Artillery Association, hardcover, vg.+ $30.00 
  • The Gunners of Canada: The History of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, Volume II 1919-1967, by Colonel G.W.L. Nicholson, publised in 1972 by The Royal Canadian Artillery Association, hardcover, vg.+ $30.00 
  • Royal Canadian Horse Artillery - Right of the Line An Anecdotal History of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery from 1871, by G.D. Mitchell, printed in 1986 by the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery History Committee of Ottawa, hardcover, exc. $25.00 
  • A History of the 2nd Canadian H.A.A. Regiment 1939-1945, by Wilson, Byers, Darling, Norcott and Phelps, published in 1945 in Soesterberg Holland, softcover vg.+ $75.00 
  • Royal Canadian Artillery, History of the 4th Canadian Anti Tank Battery June 1940 to July 1945, 60 pages, softcover, vg.+ $75.00 
  • The History of the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Volume 1: 1749 to 1939, by Colonel A.J. Kerry and Major W.A. McDill, published in 1962 by The Military Engineers Association of Canada, hardcover, Vg.+ $50.00
  • The History of the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Volume 2: 1936 to 1946, by Colonel A.J. Kerry and Major W.A. McDill, published in 1966 by The Military Engineers Association of Canada, hardcover, Vg.+ $50.00 
  • Out of the Clouds, The History of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition by J. A. Willes and published in 1995 by Port Perry Printing, hardcover, vg.+ $100.00 
  • Tip of the Spear: An Intimate Account of 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, 1942-1945: A pictorial History, by Horn and Wyczynski, published in 2002 by Dundurn Press Ltd, softcover, exc. $20.00 
  • Ducimus: The Regiments of the Canadian Infantry, by Major Michael Mitchell, published in 1996 by the Canadian Infantry Heritage Foundation of Ottawa, hardcover, exc. $20.00 
  • Dragoon: The Centennial History of the Royal Canadian Dragoons 1883-1983, by Greenhous, Brereton Guild of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, 1983. Book Condition: Fair. First Edition. N/A. Shows definite wear, and perhaps considerable marking on inside. $60.00 
  • The Royal Canadian Dragoons 1939 - 1945, published in 1946 in Montreal by the Regiment, ultra rare, hardcover, vg.+ $300.00 
  • Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) A Record Of Achievement by J. M. McAvity D.S.O., M.C., published in 1947 by Brigdens Limited, hardcover, vg.+ $60.00 
  • Green Route Up: The 4th Canadian Armoured Division, printed in 1945 by Mouton & Cy Ltd of The Hague Netherlands, hardcover, vg.+ $150.00  
  • A Pictorial History of the 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's), by Major E.D. Crook and Major J.K. Marteinson, published in 1973 by the 8th Canadian Hussars Regimental Association, Canada, hardcover, vg.+ $65.00
  • The Long Ride by Major H. Steele M.C., A Shorth History of the 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars, 49 pages and printed in 1934, softcover, vg.+ $35.00 
  • The Governor General's Horse Guards 1939-1945, published by the Canadian Military Journal Toronto and Montreal Publicists, hardcover, $125.00 
  • The Regimental History of the Governor General's Foot Guards, published in Ottawa in 1948, vg.+ $45.00 
  • The Queen's York Rangers An Historic Regiment, by S.H. Bull, published in 1984 by The Boston Mills Press of Erin, Ontario, hardcover, vg.+ $20.00 
  • Scarlet to Green, The Colours, Uniforms and Insignias of the Grey and Simcoe Foresters, by M.R. Telford, published in 1987 by the Boston Mills Press, softcover, vg.+ $20.00 
  • The Victorian (Victoria Rifles of canada) 1st Battalion, 1940-41, 1st edition 11.25" x 8.5", privately published By The Battalion Commander, many photographs of the Battalion, 29 photos of fully captioned groups, hardcover, vg.+ $45.00 
  • The March of the Prairie Men, Being a story of the South Saskatchewan Regiment, by G.B. Buchanan, published in 1957 by the South Saskatchewan Regiment Orderly Room, hardcover, $80.00 
  • Ready for the Fray (Deas Gu Cath): The History of the Canadian Scots Regiment ( Princess Mary's ) 1920- 1955, by R.H. Roy, published in 1958 by the Evergreen Press Limited, Vancouver, hardcover, vg.+ $45.00
  • A City Goes to War, History of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment (3 P.P.C.L.I., by G.R. Stevens O.B.E., published in 1964 by Charters Publishing Co., Brampton Ontario, hardcover, $40.00 
  • 55 Axis with the Royal Canadian Regiment 1939 - 1945, by Major S. Galloway, privetly published in 1946, hardcover, vg.+ $20.00 
  • The Royal Canadian Regiment, volume 2 1933-1966, by Stevens, published in 1967 by G.R. London Printing & Lithographing Co. of London, Ontario, hardcover, vg.+ $20.00 
  • Canada's Black Watch: The First Hundred Years 1862 - 1962, by P. Hutchison, published in 1987 by the Black Watch of Canada, hardcover, vg.+ $15.00 
  • The Royal Montreal Regiment: 1925-1945, by Paul P. Fetherstonhaugh, published by the Regiment in 1949, hardcover, Vg.+  $125.00 
  • The Royal Montreal Regiment 1945-1989, by A. Patrick and R. Jarymowycz, published in 1991 by the Regiment, hardcover, vg.+ $40.00 
  • History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment, by Major R.L. Rogers, 2nd printing 1979 and published by the Regiment, hardcover, exc. $65.00 
  • The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders 1783-1951, by W. Boss, published in 1952 by Runge Press, hardcover, vg.+ $80.00 
  • North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment, by W.R. Bird, published in 1963 by Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, hardcover, vg.+ $120.00 
  • Whatever Men Dare: A History of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada 1935-1960, by R.W. Queen Hughes, published in 1960 by Bulman of Winnipeg, hardcover, vg.+ $30.00 
  • Warpath: The Story of the Algonquin Regiment 1939-1945, by G.L. Cassidy, published in 1946 by Ryerson Press of the Algonquin Regiment Veterans' Association of Toronto, 1946, hardcover, vg.+ $150.00 
  • The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's) 1928-1953, by the Officers of the Regiment;, edited in 1953 by H.M. Jackson, hardcover, vg.+ $40.00 
  • History of the Grenadier Guards 1760 - 1964, by A. F. Duguid, published in 1965 by the Gazette Printing Company of Montréal, hardcover, exc. $100.00 
  • The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, 1860-1960; One Hundred Years of Canada, by T.W. Barnard, published in 1969 by the Ontario Publishing Co., Don Mill of Ontario, Canada, hardcover, vg.+ $25.00  
  • Canadians, A Battalion at War, Canadians in the Queen's Own Rifles of canada, 1940 - 1945, by Roy J. Whitsed, published in 1996 by the Burlington Books of Mississauga, hardcover, vg.+ $20.00 
  • The Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment). 95mm by 165mm, published by the Regiment in 1962, softcover, $50.00 
  • Battle Royal, A History of the Royal Regiment of Canada 1862 - 1979, by D. J. Goodspeed, published in 1970 by the Royal Regiment of Canada, softcover, vg.+ $25.00 
  • Hasting & Prince Edward Regiment, The Battle of Assoro from the perspective of the Commanding Officer Lt.Col. The Lord Tweedsmuir, C.B.E. C.D., published in 1989, softcover, vg.+ $10.00 
  • Desperate Siege: The Battle of Hong Kong by ted Ferguson, published in 1980 by Doubleday of canada, hardcover, $20.00 
  • Korea: The Forgotton War by John Melady, published in 1983 by Macmillan of Canada, hardcover, vg.+ $30.00 
  • Strange Battleground, The Official History of the Canadian Army in Korea by H.F. Wood, published in 1966 by Queen's Printer, hardcover, vg.+ $50.00 
  • Cent Ans dHistoire d'un Régiment Canadien Français, Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal 1869-1969, by P. Desgrosseilliers, published in 1971 by les Editions du Jour de Montreal, softcover, vg.+ $75.00 
  • Jour J du débarquement ŕ la Libération, Stephen Badsey, édition Atlas 2004, hardcover, vg.+ $25.00 
  • Seconde Guerre Mondiale 1939-45: Tenues, Objets et Opérations, published in 2002 by Little Big Man Paris, hardcover, exc., $50.00  
  • The Pictorial History of Canada's Army Overseas 1939-1945, compiled and edited by Fred Whitcombe in 1947, 8" x 10-1/2" tall. Compressing almost 100,000 official Canadian Army photographs and millions of words from the record of five years of war, into the 288 pages of this book, has not been an easy assignment. Narrative by Blair Gilmour. Contents include: Canada Goes Back to War; Canadians in Britain; The Dieppe Raid; Sicily Invaded; The Italian Campaign; Invasion of Normandy; Canadians in the Pacific, hardcover, vg.+ $35.00 
  • Holland and the Canadians with 150 photographs, by N. Philips Canadian Army Press Services and J.Nikerk, publish by the Contact Publishing Company of Amsterdam Holland, spiral bound, vg.+ $40.00  
  • For King and Country, British Airborne Uniforms, Insignias & Equipment in W.W.2,  by H. Glenn, published in 1999 by Schiffer Publishing, hardcover, vg.+ $40.00 
  • D-Day Operation Overlord, from the Landing at Normandy to the Liberation of Paris, by Nalty and Pritchard, publishe in 1993 by Smithmark of New York, hardcover, vg.+ $10.00 
  • Bloody Victory, Canadians and the D-Day campaign 19944, by J.L. Granatstein and D. Morton, published in 1984 by Lester & Orpen Denny, hardcover, vg.+ $5.00 
  • The Way We Where, by Ken Bell, published in 1988 by the University of Toronto Press, hard cover, vg.+ $30.00 
  • The Uniforms & History of the Scottish Regiments, Britain-Canada-Australia-New Zealand-South Africa, 1625 to Present day, by M. Barnes and C.K. allen, published in 1956 by Seely Service, gives you a complete description of Dress uniforms worned by each unit, hardcover, vg.+ $15.00  
  • Handbook of the British Army 1943, by C. Ellis and P. Chamberlain, published in 1976 by Arms & Armour Press, hardcover, vg.+ $10.00 
  • Canadian Military Vehicle Series, Volume 1: Canada's Fighting Vehicles, Europe 1943-45, by W.A. Gregg, published in 1980 by The Canadian Military Historical Society of Rockwood Ontario Hayward Designs Limited, softcover, vg.+ $75.00  
  • Canadian Military Vehicle Series Volume 3: Blueprint for Victory: The Story of Military Vehicles and Production in Canada from 1937-45, by W.A. Gregg, published in 1980 Canadian Military Historical Society of Rockwood Ontario, softcover, vg.+ $75.00 

Training Pamphlets

  • Manual of Physical Training, hard cover with 194 pages, 184 figures, dated 1931, vg.+ $15.00
  • Manual of Field Engineering, Volume 1 (All Arms), barbed wire, trenches, gun emplacements, etc., 180 pages with 50 plates, dated 1933, vg. $20.00
  • Military Engineering Volume VII, Accommodation and Installations, 400 pages, 145 plates, dated 1934, vg. $20.00
  • Small Arms Training, Volume 1, Pamphlet No.2 Application of Fire, dated 1937, 32 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Small Arms Training, Volume 1, Pamphlet No.2 Application of Fire, dated 1942, 20 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Small Arms Training, Volume 1, Pamphlet No.6 Anti-Aircraft Rifle, dated 1942, 56 pages, vg. +$5.00
  • Small Arms Training, Volume 1, Pamphlet No.12 Bayonet, dated 1942, 16 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Small Arms Training, Volume 1, Pamphlet No.18 Range Course (War), dated 1939, 32 pages, vg.+ $5.00
  • Small Arms Training, Volume 1, Pamphlet No.18 Range Course (War), dated 1942, 52 pages, vg.+ $5.00
  • CAMT 7-12F Armes de Peloton d Infantrie, Lance-Fusées de 3.5 pouces, 58 pages avec 13 planches, daté 1955, vg.+ $10.00
  • Infantry Training Supplement, tactical notes for the Platoon Commander, dated 1937, 33 pages, vg.+ $15.00
  • Military Training Pamphlet No.21, Dannert Concertina Wire Obstacles, dated 1939, 11 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Military Training Pamphlet No.21B, Dannert Concertina Wire Instructions for Closing and Fastening, dated 1939, 17 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Military Training Pamphlet No.23, Operations, Part 1 General Principles, Fighting Troops And Their Characteristics, dated 1942, 29 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Military Training Pamphlet No.23, Operations, Part lV Protection, dated 1939, 10 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Military Training Pamphlet No.23, Operations, Part Vlll Infantry and Armoured Divisions in the Opposed Crossing of Water Obstacles, dated 1942, 48 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Military Training Pamphlet No.30, Field Engineering (All Arms) Part V Protective Works, dated 1944, 71 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Field Engineering and Mine Warfare, Part 1 All Arms Pamphlet No.4, Mines Individual Mechanisms, dated 1947, 51 pages with 42 figures, covering W.W.2 British, German and Japanese mines, vg.+ $25.00 
  • Canadian Army Manual of Training, Field Engineering and Mine Warfare( All Arms), Mines Individual Mechanisms, dated 1947, 87 pages with 59 figures, covering W.W.2 British, German and Soviet mines, vg.+ $25.00 
  • Military Training Pamphlet No.46 Camouflage, Part 1 General Principles: Equipment and Materials "All Arms"Field Defences, dated 1941, 32 pages with 4 plates, vg.+ $10.00
  • Military Training Pamphlet No.46 Camouflage, Part 6 Notes on Screens (Camouflage nets), dated 1941, 16 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Protection Against Gas and Air Raids, Pamphlet No.3 Passive Air Defense, dated 1939, 126 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Aircraft Recongnition, Part l (British), dated 1941, 37 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Shoot To Kill, Part X Basic and Battle physical training, 40 pages, dated 1944, vg.+ $10.00
  • Canadian Army Training Pamphlet on Winter Warfare "Zero Warfare" 104 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Canadian Army Training Pamphlet No.1, A General Instructional Background for the Young Soldier, covering infantry drill, march discipline, weapons and bayonet training, application of fire, gas training, gas equipment, tactical training, Infantry and supporting weapons, elementary tactics, scouts and patrols, field engineering, military law, hygyene and sanitation, 192 pages with color plates and many diagrams, vg.+ $20.00
  • Canadian Army Training Pamphlet No.9, Instruction in Elementary Motor Mechanics, dated 1942, 310 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Manual, Working Instructions for the Wireless Set  (Canadian) No.19 Mklll, Ref. No. RCA 113923-1, Canadian Publication 135 pages, vg.+ $25.00
  • Security Pamphlet No.1 Military Security, dated 1942, 8 pages, vg.+ $10.00
  • Periodical Notes on the Japanese Army No.3 Combined Operations, dated 1942, 18 pages, 20 plates, vg.+ $15.00
  • Periodical Notes on the Japanese Army No.5 Japanese Tanks, dated 1942, 17 pages, vg.+ $15.00
  • Armed Forces Air Letter, Christmas Issue 1944, vg.+ $10.00
  • Vest pocket street plan of Central London, folding linen map in colour and measuring 29 in. by 19 in., published by Geographia Ltd, vg.+ $20.00


  • British Army map of Amiens France, with key to building, dated August 1944, scale 1:8,000, vg.+ $40.00
  • British Army map of Doullens France, dated 1943, scale 1:50,000, vg.+ $10.00
  • British Army map of Tourcoing France, dated 1943, scale 1:50,000, vg.+ $10.00
  • British Army/Air map of Stralsund Germany, dated 1943, scale 1:250,000, vg.+ $10.00 
  • British map of Frosinone Italy, scale 1:100,000, dated 1943, vg.+ $20.00
  • British map of San Giovanni in Marignano Italy, scale 1:25,000, dated 20/08/44, SECRET map showing the German defences positions, 1st Canadian Corps when through from August 30 to September 03 1944, exc. $75.00 

Paper Items

  • Armed Forces Air Letter, Christmas issue 1944, exc. $5.00
  • Dutch document for ration coupon "Regeling voor het afhalen van Nooddistributiekaarten", vg. $10.00
  • Dutch ration coupon lot with over 100 coupons, vg.+ $20.00
  • Dutch general ration coupon booklet, named and complete, vg.+ $25.00


  • Edourad VIII original photograph by Hugh Cecil, measuring  12 in. by 15 in. by itself and 16 in. by 19 in. with the mount.. The King is wearing his Welsh Guard uniform and he signed it ‘Edouard RI’. Has Hugh Cecil London signature in block letters on its mount and on the back a paper tag with the following inscrition on it ‘Hugh Cecil, London, 8 Grafton Street, Bond Street, W.I. No:11,393F', very rare, exc. $600.00