Grenades, fuzes, mines and projectiles

  • No.36 Mills grenade, Canadian maker marked M for Montreal Munitions on both body and lever / spoon vg.+ $300.00


  • No.77 smoke grenade, all complete with its No.247 Mk1Z Always fuze. The unpainted tin body is Canadian maker marked CC/C 5/43 for Continental Can Co. Canada. The Always fuze which is all complete including its split tip striker is also Canadian maker marked "GE/C” for General Electric Canada. The Always fuze is transparent showing all the internal parts, was it made transparant for drill purpose or is a very early General Electric fuze, exc. $450.00 


  • Detonator for the No.36 Mills grenade, cap holder is stamped "DRILL", intact, vg.+ $75.00 
  • Tin for 3 detonators, red painted metal tin which is maker marked "EIS", "No 530 Mk1" and dated 1945, complete with the metal detonator insert, metal detonator separator and lid, vg.+ $30.00
  • .5 inch Vickers / 12.7mm x 81mm round, green tip for armour piercing, Candian maker marked TR for Three Rivers Canada, dated 1943, live round, exc. $40.00
  • 3 inch / 70 caliber steel casing, vg.+ $30.00 
  • 3,7 inch QF anti-aircraft brass casing, maker marked DB/C and dated 1944, vg.+ $100.00
  • Fuze No.3 Mk1 fuze, in use with the MkIV and MkV anti tank mine, vg.+  $150.00  NEW
  • Fuze No.3 Mk1 cutaway fuze, vg.+  $100.00  NEW