Ordnance World War 1

British and Commonwealth 

  • No.3 rifle grenade original nose cap spring clip section, vg.+ $75.00


  • Complete rod and igniter for the rifle grenade Feuillette 1915, without the grenade body, vg.+ $50.00 


  • Stick grenade model 1917, the wooden stick is stamped with “51/2 Sek. GJR”  A very nice stencilled head with most of the writing still visible and complete with its proper star shape screw cap. Very nice condition grenade, this is not a dug up, vg.+ $850.00 


  • Original kugel  / egg grenade shipping plug vg.+ $20.00
  • 7,7cm Howitzer brass casing, dated DEBR 1914, vg. $40.00